The Garage Door Repairs That Might Be Needed When You Hit The Door With Your Car

It's a sinking feeling when you crash into your garage door. You might lose control of your car on an icy driveway, or you may just forget to open the door before you back out of the garage. It's fairly common to hit a garage door with your car, and the amount of damage varies from minor damage that can be repaired easily to the need for an entirely new door. Here's a look at some damage you can cause by hitting a garage door with your car — and the repairs that might be needed.

Damages Caused By Hitting Your Garage Door

The amount of damage depends on how much force was applied to the door. You might dent the door or scrape off paint. On the other hand, you might severely damage one or two of the sectional panels on the door. The force could also knock the door off its tracks and damage the tracks in the process. Your door may get stuck in the open or closed position after you hit it.

Garage Door Repairs That Might Be Needed

A garage door repair service will examine the door and determine the extent of the damage. If the door is off the track, it's best not to get close to the door or try to operate it. Call a repair service instead. The door itself may need a dent pulled out or touched up with paint.

It's also possible panels need to be removed and replaced. If more than one panel is damaged or if you have an old door that no longer has replacement panels available, it could be necessary to put a new door on rather than replace the panels. Ask your repair service about the cost comparison between replacing multiple panels and putting on a new door. You may decide a new door is better use of your money.

If the track is bent, it may be necessary to put a new track on so the rollers stay in place and glide smoothly. In addition, the repair person may need to tighten hardware that was knocked loose and replace other damaged small parts. If the sensors at the bottom of the door were affected, they may need to be realigned or replaced if damaged, or your garage door won't close.

Emergency Repairs Might Be Necessary

Garage door damage usually isn't an emergency, so you can schedule the repairs at your convenience. However, if your only car is trapped inside the garage and you can't get to work, or if the door is stuck open and your valuables are not protected, you'll want quick service to get your door repaired.

Even if the door can't be completely repaired at the time, the garage door technician might be able to close and secure it or open it so you can get your car out. It's better to call for help rather than attempt opening a stuck door or trying to force a damaged door shut, since the door is heavy and if it flies off the track, you could be hurt.

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