Residential Garage Door Problems & Solutions

The noise that a malfunctioning garage door makes can be annoying, and even disturb neighbors from being so loud. Repairing a garage door can be a task that is as simple as replacing a small part to needing all new parts and a door. Even if there is something minor wrong with a garage door, getting it repaired should be a priority to prevent it from becoming a safety hazard that can possibly cause serious bodily harm. For instance, if your door has been moving faster than usual, it can be a risk to anyone who stands beneath it, especially small children. If you are aware of what to look for when a garage door needs attention, it can help you know if repairs are necessary and how soon they should be carried out. 

Stop & Go Door Movement

When a garage door begins to move a little and then stop continuously while it is being operated, it can be annoying. No one wants to wait a long time before the garage door finally opens up or closes. If your door has such movement, get the springs checked because they can possibly be rusty, tangled up, or have something jammed between the coils. Never check the springs on your own because it is a very dangerous task that can lead to them breaking loose in a powerful manner as they uncoil. The springs might actually need to be replaced if the rust or overall damage is severe.

Excessive Noise During Operation

A small amount of noise during the process of a garage door moving isn't usually a big concern, as it can simply mean that the tracks need to be realigned or oiled up. However, if your door creates an excessive amount of noise, there might be multiple problems that need attention. For example, the rollers, tracks, springs, and the door itself can all be problematic. A technician will be able to examine each part that is in question to let you know if replacing the door altogether is in your best interest.

No Action from the Door Motor

The motor is the main power source for a garage door that has to be plugged into an electrical source. If the motor has stopped working, it doesn't mean that it has a problem. You might simply need to unplug the door for a minute or so and then re-plug it up to reset the sensors. Keep in mind that the sensors will automatically not signal the motor to work if any objects are under the door during operation, as it is a safety measure.

A garage door repair company can get your door back in working order. 

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