4 Types Of Garage Doors And How They Function

Garage doors for commercial and residential properties usually last an average of 15 years with normal wear and tear. Damage to the doors or lack of regular maintenance will result in the doors not meeting their life expectancy. When it comes time to pick out a new garage door, you should get the one that best suits you and your property. These days, you have lots of different styles to choose from. This is a guide to garage door types and how they function.

Types of Garage Doors

There are multiple types of garage doors on the market today.

Sliding Side Door

A sliding side door is designed to slide along one of the walls in the garage rather than going up above on the ceiling. They are a great choice for any garage that does not have a lot of overhead space. You do need to make sure that the wall is free of objects that will block the door as it opens.

Tilt Door

Most garage doors are pieced together in sectionals and slide section by section into place as they are opened or closed. The tilt-up garage door is not made that way. It is typically one piece that will open straight out and sits that way until it is closed. At least half of the door will be sticking out of the ceiling when the door is open.

Hinged Door

A hinged door is like the name implies – it opens and closes using hinges. The doors are usually two doors that close together rather than one big door. This style of garage door is another one that is suited for buildings with a lack of proper overhead space.

Sectional Door

A sectional door is one of the most commonly used doors for residential garages. They are made up of several small sections that roll one by one into the overhead area. The door uses tracks and wheels to pull it into place.

Other Considerations

Once you pick the type of door you want, you also need to choose how you want the door to open. You can choose between automatic and manual. A lot of people like to choose automatic for simple convenience, but it does cost more. You can speak with the company installing the door to see what the price range is for manual or automatic doors and choose the one that works best with your preferences and budget. Reach out to garage door installation services today to learn more.

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