Tips To Help You Choose The Best Garage Door Material For Your Home

Is it time for a new garage door? Whether you need a new look or your old door has deteriorated over the years, there a few things to consider when choosing a new garage door.

Garage door materials are an important aspect to consider when choosing a new door. Your lifestyle or tastes have to be considered when choosing which material is right for your home.

Do You Have Kids?

Kids play rough outdoors, so you want garage door materials that stand up to whatever kids can dish out. The best option for families with children is vinyl or fiberglass materials.

Vinyl Benefits

These doors are built on steel frames and the inside is filled with polyurethane insulation. Vinyl is tough and withstands dents and breaks.

Aesthetically speaking, vinyl looks as nice as fiberglass door but offers fewer color options. Vinyl requires little maintenance and cleans easily with a garden hose.

Fiberglass Benefits

Like vinyl, fiberglass is also tough enough to withstand cracks and dents. Two layers are bonded together on a steel frame. The doors are filled with polyurethane insulation as well.

One con when it comes to fiberglass is that it can break on impact. So, if you have teenage drivers using the garage, you may want to opt for a stronger material.

Do You Live In A Wet or Rainy Area?

Areas that receive a lot of moisture often means rust when it comes to garage doors. So, if you are worried more with rust and less rough children and dents, then aluminum garage doors are a good option.

Garage doors made of aluminum resist rust and come in a variety of colors. A nice option when aesthetics is important is translucent glass panels placed in the door to allow light inside without sacrificing privacy.

Are Looks All That Matter?

When looks matter and you want a garage door with style, wood is a popular choice. The choice in materials includes redwood, fir, cedar, and meranti. There is also an option for factor staining or painted and finished on site.

Wood garage doors are beautiful and do have layers that help prevent warping. So, they are easily damaged.

Other materials for garage door are also available including steel and wood composite. When in doubt, call a local company that performs garage door installation in your area and discuss your options based on your home's needs and the area in which you live.

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