Choose A Larger Garage Or A New Enclosure To Store Vehicles And Recreational Equipment

As your wealth has increased in the last year or two, you may have decided to purchase additional vehicles or off road 'toys', which can be enjoyed during the summer and winter. Your new possessions may not fit inside of your current garage and leaving the vehicles outdoors could take a toll on paint jobs, plus attract the wrong kind of attention from people who drive or walk by your home. Seek an addition on your current garage or a completely new garage that is separate from your home, if the amount of land that you own warrants it.

Your Property And Location Matter

Building guidelines for a homeowner who does not live within the city limits may not be as strict as they are for a homeowner who lives in a busy metropolis or a gated community. Find out what laws pertain to having an addition or separate building constructed on your property. You may need to acquire a permit and have it posted during the construction process.

Having an addition built onto an existing garage may be your cheaper way out, but you should take the shape of your home and its aesthetics into consideration before choosing this type of upgrade. Will your home's structure maintain a uniform appearance with the addition of a garage and do you have a lengthy enough driveway or expanse of property that will allow for this type of change?

You could always have the addition added to the backside of the current garage or along the side of the garage that is adjacent to the property. The number of vehicles that you currently own and any future purchases that you are considering may persuade you to go with a secondary garage, which can be used to hold all of your new possessions.

The Style And Setting Need To Be Addressed

A colonial home style or a bungalow that features a distinct wood type and a classic overhang may result in you choosing a similar garage style that will be complementary to your residence and the primary garage. A garage builder can incorporate windows, shutters, metal latches, and trimwork into your garage construction plans, so that the finished structure will look like it has been on your property all along and was custom designed to coordinate with your home and the other garage.

Choose an ideal setting for the garage, which won't interfere with driving vehicles into or out of the other garage. Choose a flat surface that has an adequate drainage system installed and that will be suitable for a paved or gravel driveway.

For further questions you may have regarding garage additions or new garage construction, reach out to professionals like those at Affordable  Garages.

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