Getting Your Garage Door Ready For Winter

Garage door installation companies often offer many different services to help ensure your door is ready for winter weather and keep the cold out. 

Door Inspections

Most garage door companies will offer free inspections for your garage door if you ask. The inspection will check the springs, the seals, the tracks and rollers, and even the panels to assess the door's condition for you. Based on the inspection result, the company may recommend some repairs to the garage doors or a complete garage door replacement. 

If your garage doors are in good shape but need a little service, the company can often handle that for you. Some critical areas should be addressed before the winter weather sets in, so take some time and discuss the service needs with the company doing the work, and be sure to ask if there is something you are concerned about with your doors.

Garage Door Adjustments

One of the first things the garage door company will look at is the door's adjustment when it is in the open and closed positions. Garage doors should close tightly, so there is no gap under the door, and when the door is open, it should not hang down into the door opening. 

Adjusting the garage door so that it closes entirely and opens all the way is not difficult, but it does require a garage door tech that understands what to adjust and how much to change the settings. Once the tech has the door shutting correctly, they will look at the sides of the door when it seals to the door frame. 

If there is any gap along the edges of the door, the cold air can get in through the gaps and make the garage very cold in the middle of winter. If the air is getting in along the edge of the door, snow and rain may also be getting in and could freeze in the gap, making opening the door difficult. 

Adjusting the door in the tracks will often pull it in against the frame, but the door tech needs to make sure it seats at the last minute, so the door does not drag along the frame as it is closing. 

Replacing the Seals

The seal along the bottom of the door and the sides of the door frame are replaceable on nearly all garage doors. If they are not sealing because they are worn out, the garage door tech will replace them for you before adjusting the door to keep out the winter cold. 

For more information about preparing your garage doors for winter, contact a local professional.

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