Common Parts of Your Garage Door You May Need to Replace

The garage door is a part of your home that will regularly need maintenance and repairs to stay functional. This is largely a result of the amount of wear that it will experience from the mechanical systems, and some components may need to be replaced more often than others.

1. Replacement Wheels

To move along the railing of the door, your garage system will have a small series of wheels that will allow it to roll along this path. If one or more of these wheels were to suffer problems, the entire garage door would experience a much harder time moving. Luckily, these wheels can be both easy and affordable for you to replace.

It should be noted that these wheels will have to match your garage door system. Otherwise, they will be more likely to experience jamming or other problems that will be difficult to address. Whenever you are buying replacement wheels for this part of the garage door, the owner's manual should be checked to make sure you are choosing wheels that are compatible with your particular garage door system.

2. Weatherstripping for the Door

The weatherstripping on your garage door is intended to stop water from being able to enter the structure through small gaps in the panels of the garage door. Once this stripping has started to degrade, it will have to be replaced as quickly as possible. Fortunately, replacement weatherstripping can be an extremely affordable accessory to purchase for your garage door.

When installing the new weatherstripping, you will need to ensure that it is firmly secured to the paneling. If you leave small air pockets in the weatherstripping, it will be far more likely to start to peel away or detach from the garage door panel soon. Also, the surface of the panel should be thoroughly cleaned with a solvent to remove any of the adhesives from the previous weatherstripping.

3. New Panes of Glass

If the panes of your garage door's windows become severely cracked or even broke, they will need to be replaced to protect the interior of the garage from moisture damages as well as reducing the ease of criminals entering this part of the house. Replacing the panes of glass in your garage door can be a simple process if you have a door that uses standardized sizes for its window panes. In this case, most garage door accessory providers will be likely to sell the particular pane that you need.

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