Garage Door Doesn't Close? 3 Possible Repairs

A garage is essential for many modern homeowners. The garage can serve as a place to store your vehicle away from the elements and keep items that won't fit in your home safe.

The primary reason a garage is so secure is that it is equipped with a sturdy door.

A garage door that won't close poses a serious safety hazard. Immediate repairs are needed to prevent a garage door that doesn't close from causing any injuries.

1. Recalibrate the Limiter

A component known as a limiter helps control the function of automatic garage doors. The limiter is responsible for setting the parameters that determine how high or low a garage door can move.

It's possible that the settings on your garage door limiter have been altered if your door won't close all the way.

Use the limit switch adjustment dial to make small, incremental changes in the limiter settings. Recalibrating the limiter switch could correct your garage door's movements and allow the door to close fully once again.

2. Adjust the Rollers

The rollers are another garage door component that can affect how smoothly the door opens and closes.

Rollers can become misaligned or coated with dirt and debris over time. This causes the door itself to come off its dedicated track, which can prevent the door from closing all the way.

You will likely notice grinding or rattling sounds when your garage door is in motion if misaligned rollers are to blame for your door malfunction.

An experienced garage door technician can inspect the rollers and tracks connected to your door and make any repairs needed to allow the door to close completely.

3. Troubleshoot the Opener

Automatic garage doors rely on specialized remote openers to open and close. When these remote openers fail, garage doors no longer move in predictable and proper ways.

Start troubleshooting your garage door opener by checking to ensure the batteries aren't dead.

Next, make sure that the antenna is hanging down from the opener motor unit inside your garage. If anything is blocking this antenna, the remote opener can't communicate continuously with your garage door.

You may need to replace the remote opener or opener motor unit in order to get your garage door to come all the way down as it should.

Don't let garage door problems compromise the safety and security of your home. Work with an experienced garage door technician to address any malfunctions preventing your door from closing properly. For more information about garage door repair services, contact a local professional.

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