Three Design Traits Of A Carriage House Garage Door

When you shop for a new garage door for your home, it's important to devote plenty of time to evaluate many different designs. A garage door will last a considerable length of time, so you want to choose a look that will make you happy each time you see it. Visiting a supplier that specializes in residential garage doors will give you a number of options, including carriage house garage doors. This style can be appealing on many different homes. While there can be some degree of variety in different carriage house doors, here are some design traits that you'll often find in this type.


Carriage house garage doors pay tribute to the large doors on historical carriage houses, which were buildings that held peoples' horse-drawn carriages. Often, you'll see design elements in modern-day doors that reflect this style's historic roots. One feature that is present on a lot of carriage house garage doors is a pair of handles in the center of the door. In many cases, these handles are purely decorative; the door will roll upward, so you won't need to grip the handles for any purpose. Nevertheless, the presence of these handles — often in black to represent wrought iron — adds a charming visual quality.

Top Windows

A lot of carriage house garage doors also have small windows across the top of the door. Other types of garage doors can also have windows, but those in the carriage house style often use this feature. Windows across the top of the door add natural light to your garage, which is something that can especially be desirable if the garage doesn't have any windows. You may also find that this design trait adds a charming visual quality to the door and to your home's overall front.

Diagonal Accents

When you look at a few examples of carriage house garage doors, you'll almost certainly see a few designs that have diagonal accents. Often, the diagonal accents will be in contrasting colors to the rest of the door, which can augment the door's appearance. For example, you might find a door that is dark gray and has diagonal accents in white. It's ideal to find a color combination that suits the exterior of your home. In this scenario, this door can work well for a home that has dark gray siding and white window frames.

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