Things To Consider When Replacing The Entry Doors In Your Home

Entry doors offer protection from the weather and intruders coming into your home. They are different from the doors inside your house in many ways because they must be more robust than interior doors. The materials used in these doors can vary, but there are some standard sizes and thicknesses that the door company will recommend when buying these doors.

Door Materials

Residential entry doors are typically made from solid wood or wood cores with style over the outside. The doors have a rating for durability and fire resistance and require specific hardware to install them properly. 

If you are replacing the doors on your house or buying a new one for a new house, the best place to start is a door company or local home center. You can start by finding the type of door you want to use and then select a door style that will fit your home. 

If you want a steel door, you can find designs that look like wood doors but offer the strength and security of steel. They often come from the manufacturer painted and ready to hand, but you can paint the steel door a custom color if you prefer. 

Wood doors typically come primed, but you can also order them raw so you can stain the wood after the installation is complete. How you order the door is up to you, but consider the options carefully to ensure you are ready to deal with it when it arrives. 

Door Styles

Entry doors are available in a variety of different styles. Some have glass in them, while others do not. The door design can be a classic panel style, or you may choose something fancier, but the door company or home center should have a catalog with many designs that go beyond what they have on hand. 

Some homeowners are looking for a classic design that matches the period when the house was constructed, and often those are available but require a custom order. When you are ready to order your door, the installer will need to measure the existing entry door to ensure the new one fits correctly unless you are replacing the entire door frame. 

While there are standard sizes used in the industry, you may have something custom that was installed before you purchased the home, so taking the time to check the door and frame is necessary. If you are buying a new door for a new house, the builder can handle the sizing for you, and all you will need to do is select the door style for each entry point.

For more information on entry doors, contact a company near you.

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