Did Your Garage Door Opening System Break? Get Rid Of The Chain System And Look At These Options

If you have a chain link garage door opening system that has rusted and broken, don't make the mistake of installing that type of system again in the home. You can take this replacement need as an opportunity to get a better functioning garage door opening system for your home and enjoy a system that has multiple features. Talk with local installation service professionals about a new system and the following things.

Type of Mechanical System

When it comes to replacing your garage door opening system, there are three different types of mechanical systems for residential properties. This would include:

  • Belt-driven
  • Chain
  • Direct-drive

A system with a belt or direct drive system will be a quieter option, and you won't have to worry about chain link breakages or rusting. The belt and direct-drive systems also have fewer moving parts than the chain link system, meaning fewer opportunities for problems and repair needs down the road.

Technology Features

It's important to get a system that has great technology features. This means you want to see wireless features like the following:

  • Open and close through a smartphone regardless of proximity to the garage door
  • Ability to change the entry code at any time
  • Alerts and monitoring notifications when the door is opened and closed
  • Temperature notifications

All of these features make it easy to control the garage at any time, from anywhere, and to get notifications when something alarming may be happening in your garage.

Garage Security Inspection

Have the service professional inspect your garage door as well to make sure that the door itself is in good condition. If you need to have the door replaced, you want to do this at the same time that you are replacing the opening system. Rusting, cracking, and deterioration over time can cause a lot of security issues.

When the garage door opener service team gives you quotes, ask them about the warranty of each potential system you are considering for your home. Also, inquire about a service warranty that they may offer for their services in case there is something that goes wrong because the system was installed incorrectly.

If your old door was shaky and loud, there are many better systems you can look into that function quietly and smoothly. Compare the costs of the different wireless opening systems and consider getting a new garage door if needed to improve your home.

For more information about new garage door openers, contact a local company.

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